Top 5 Predictions for Pro AV in 2018

Beautiful Video Wall Custom Installation

The new year is gearing up and if it’s anything like the previous twelve months, it’s sure to bring exciting developments to the audio-visual industry. Premier Dedicated Solutions, in collaboration with Jonathan Brawn, Principal at Brawn Consulting, deliberated on what the market can expect in for Pro AV in 2018.

Here are our top 5 predictions for Pro-AV in 2018.

Continued Growth in Direct View LED: 

2017 saw explosive growth in Direct View LED products for commercial applications. This technology isn’t new, in fact, it’s been around for more than 20 years. However, during the last 12 months, the technology has become even more impressive with the pixel pitch at the submillimeter level and lower costs. The combination of these factors has driven major brands to offer Direct View LED products, and enterprise customers to incorporate the technology into indoor applications for corporate, academic, and retail spaces. It’s also being reliably leveraged for command and control applications. See how Direct View LED changed the campus atmosphere at Texas A&M!

Dramatic Increase in Picture Quality:

The picture quality of digital displays continues to improve, a trend that shows no sign of abating in 2018. The mainstreaming of OLED and Quantum Dot technology is propelling image quality to previously unthinkable levels with higher dynamic ranges and wider color gamuts.

Replacement of Traditional Video Walls and Projectors:

The embrace of Direct View LED technology and adoption of once cost-prohibitive solid-state digital cinema projectors will result in the replacement of traditional video systems. As next-generation displays become more cost competitive, demand will naturally surge. It’s happening on the home front with full 4K/full HDR screens appearing in residences. As people grow accustomed to the technology, they will come to expect it in commercial spaces. Companies are already responding by integrating commercial displays that far surpass traditional video walls and projectors in performance.

A Boom in Professional Services:

The pro AV ecosystem is very unique in that it doesn’t lend itself to easy disruption by online retailers. Sure, an e-commerce store can sell a display or monitor, but any real investment in professional AV technology requires expert services. Resellers can and will continue to differentiate themselves from online giants by offering turnkey solutions. As a comprehensive systems provider, the reseller can widen their own profit margins by providing enterprise customers with professional integration, warranties, and better business outcomes rather than a simple transaction.

Collaborations with the Architecture Community:

In the past, AV solutions were installed into a building after its completion. Now, video walls, screens, and projection systems are becoming features of the buildings themselves. Partnerships between AV integrators and architects are only natural as, according to Mr. Brawn, “big architects are getting more demand upfront to plan out their spaces so that AV is not an afterthought, but rather part of a building’s usage plan from day one.” Planning for space’s use of AV before concrete is even poured will drive both cost and time savings for the customer.

Where will we see more innovation?

The fine pixel pitch (FPP) emerging market is shaping up to be very competitive, driving down LED costs even further. OEMs can lower total cost by engineering cabinetry that doesn’t need sophisticated mounts. However, unlike LCD video walls, there will be nearly zero margins for error when installing and aligning FPP LED displays that are prone to damage if not professionally mounted.

“New display technology requires expert mounting partners who have proven engineering, manufacturing, and installation experience to deliver superior service and peace of mind to OEM manufacturers, integrators, and clients,” says Rich Pierro, a consultant for business development and strategy for PDS.

Pierro sees a large increase in the use of Direct View LED for all applications, particularly in the higher education and corporate boardroom markets that were once dominated by video projectors or LCD panels. In addition, with such stunning design opportunities afforded by today’s Direct View LED display technology, many architects will be motivated to add more AV specifications to their initial blueprints.

The mounting solutions partner of the future will be able to complement design and integration through engineering services that solve the challenges of architecturally integrating complex visual displays.

Technology evolves at a blinding speed

2018 promises to bring new advancements and creative solutions that will elevate pro AV to the next level. To stay atop the latest changes impacting the industry, be sure to keep updated on everything that is happening in Pro AV by following our thought leadership.