Solutions Flash: A Noteworthy First Impression at New Headquarters

PDS Solutions Flash Toyota


Imagine, if you will, an iconic global manufacturer with a significant presence in the USA who was in the process of designing and building a new corporate headquarters. One of the goals was to make a profound and memorable first impression upon entering their new space. The challenge was to convey the core message that the company stands for and instill this in the viewer. Their mission statements embrace looking for ways to improve their operations, always challenging themselves to innovate, always looking to collaborate, and always improving each day in everything they do. Living up to their mission in a visual manifestation was the challenge and opportunity.



Video Wall

The first challenge was the enormity of the space. While the opportunity was to impressively convey their message and mission, the visual component had to dominate the space in such a way that indelibly etched the images in the mind of the viewer. The designers selected a 200 panel, seamless videowall consisting of Samsung IF direct-view LED displays. The benefit of using direct-view LED is that the wall would be seamless with no visible bezels to contend with, the colors on screen would be fully saturated, and the contrast in high ambient light would be excellent. The design would also provide a wide viewing angle from any lobby location.

In terms of the installation of the 200 panels, there were three main challenges. The first revolved around making sure the recessed wall was structurally sound, uniform, and as flat as possible.  The second challenge was the logistics and handling of such a large number of panels in regards to getting them ready to install, and the extra care in handling the first phase of the installation. The third and biggest challenge was making sure that 200 individual panels were in perfect alignment, understanding that panels out of alignment would distract from the corporate message.



The time allotment was 10 days on site with 3 PDS installation technicians assigned to do the installation. One of the key elements to the success of the project was the experience levels of the PDS technicians. With their existing familiarity in projects of similar complexity and taking into consideration all the challenges they knew about in pre-installation planning, they had confidence in their ability to handle unforeseen issues that might come up on site in the process of installation.

The second key to the project was having a custom mount system pre-configured and built upon a structure that was truly square, meaning that the mount would correlate directly with the design of the direct view LED panels from Samsung. The next phase was installing the mount on the recessed wall. While the wall was relatively flat, it still required variable spacers to ensure that the true flatness of the mounting system was achieved.

Once the integrity of the mounting system was tested and the panels were installed, the next challenge was configuring the alignment of multiple LED cabinets into a seamless videowall array. The Z alignment that the mount design offered made this process less time-consuming. The combination of pre-installation planning, an adaptable mount design, and the experienced PDS team all contributed to achieving the goals set forth by the designers and end user.