Prototyping and Testing

PDS offers clients and partners the results of an in-house, UL testing facility with every engineered design. All of our engineered solutions are installed and tested in our facility before they ship. This process allows for the necessary quality assurance process to verify that the engineered solution will work the first time when it arrives onsite.

Integrators and end-users alike deserve perfection in quality control and prototyping. PDS exhaustively tests form, fit and function prior to deployment.

Ensuring Quality and Capabilities the Hard Way

Anyone can design a decent product in theory. And by sending designs overseas, product can return in good shape, just the way you ordered it — if you’re lucky. But only PDS can design, engineer and test prototypes within the same facility that produces the product. This enables tweaks and changes that give customers the reality of truly custom work at scale. We design, we prototype, then we test. That’s why our customers love the product once we produce, ship and deploy.

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