Installation Service and Expertise

From onsite consultation to complete installation, PDS is ready to help you ensure a successful project. With the complexity of perfectly mounting LED panels, installation remains a significant obstacle for many successful projects. PDS eliminates that concern, offering the entire spectrum of installation assistance, from partial and guided help to full deployment of architecturally integrated structures.

PDS custom products are installed with a one year limited warranty. Additionally, PDS blends custom installations with turnkey partner products as specified, adding value and saving customers time and money.

Design. Build. Install.

With the growth in LED systems, Professional AV is enjoying faster, thinner, lighter and brighter display. But we also hear from our channel partners that installation has become the number one challenge. Like a high-powered sports car, high-performing LED requires an expert mechanic to deploy properly for optimal performance, safety and aesthetic. That’s why PDS helps customers with full installations or assisted installations, ensuring that the beautiful custom mounting structures fit and function in the way they were intended. During installation, minimal customer interruption and downtime is key, as well as protecting the display assets. Improperly installed visual structures don’t just look bad — they underperform. We may be a design and build brand at our core, but we demonstrate just how much we care when we show up anywhere in the world to help you install your next big project.

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