Standard for LCD Video Wall Mounting

LCD video walls are one of the most challenging installations in AV because of the enormous amount of variables that need to be considered while creating a fully functioning digital canvas. These multiple screens and arrays can pose a challenge to even the most experienced integrators. Often time, issues such as misalignment and display mismanagement can lead to increased installation times creating disgruntled end users who wanted the job done yesterday.

With the challenge of making LCD video wall installation and servicing easier, the engineering team at Premier Mounts created a solution that has alleviated the worst pain points that installers face when installing multi-screen video wall displays. The LMV is the world’s first true Press and Release ™ mounting solution and is also OSHPD approved meaning that it has the highest safety ratings and can be installed in densely populated areas that may be prone to seismic shifts.

What happens when a display in the middle of a 6×5 array goes out? Some mounting systems are set up using strings and pulleys to reach the display. With serviceability at the forefront of its design, the LMV allows for a gentle press on the bezel of a display to access all rear facing components and cabling. Access to rear service components can be achieved in less than five seconds thanks to the industry defining Press and Release™ mechanics. Once pressed and opened the LMV extends out 8 inches to allow for more room for serviceability and a service kickstand can be flipped to give 16 more degrees of access.

Two mounting brackets attach to the rear of a display and those brackets securely hang from the two bar scissor mounting system. Once attached, simply press the bezel, pop out the mount, and take it away to be serviced while the rest of the structure stays intact. Single screen maintenance lets you get in and out in no time.

Misalignment of an LCD video wall can cause damage and ruin visuals of content. This can be eliminated with the right mount and the GapIt™ tool

Video walls sometime will lose their alignment over time and screens tend to sag and shift. This can be extremely frustrating for end users who rely on the visual structure to communicate messages to their audience. Displays will move and eventually, problems like this may come into play. The LMV’s brackets are equipped with X, Y, and Z adjustment knobs to combat this issue. A simple turn and adjustment mean that the overall video wall structure sits smooth and flush as it was originally intended to be. Using a GapIt™ tool also ensures that seams between displays can be minimized to the smallest yet safest distances. LCD video walls with seams too tight cause damage to displays often leading to extremely high total costs of ownership. Seams too large can distort the content being displayed and interrupt the viewing experience. Having a GapIt™ in your AV toolbox.

Keeping mounting solutions universal is another key factor that can save time and money. In today’s world of digital signage, display screens are always changing. Manufacturers are innovating their products to be bolder, brighter, and more affordable. With displays constantly getting better, it is important for mounting solutions to follow. It doesn’t matter if your customer wants to use NEC, LG, Samsung or any other display models, they will work with the LMV. To make installation of a videowall even easier and more accurate, when 4 LMVs are purchased a free spacer will be included regardless of which display. All spacer models are laser cut for precision alignment. To fully understand how essential these spacers are, take a look at our LMV Video Wall Installation video.

Video walls need lots of components to bring the viewing experience to life. Things like media players, cables, and other components all need to be integrated to ensure that the whole system works as one. The obstacle that many installers have is getting the extra components to sit discreetly behind the display screens. The open design of the LMV allows for everything to be tucked away safely and out of sight so people can focus on what really matters: content and design rather than unruly cables and wires. When looking to create a recessed video wall structure, there may be even less space for the storage of essential components. Pairing the LMV with our GB-INWAVPL in-wall box solution combines an already ADA compliant mount with even more storage capabilities. The GB-INWAVPL includes 8 available conduit knockouts ranging from .5” to 1.25” so that installers can use the right knockout when needed. The in-wall box also includes two universal power plugs to ensure a seamless transition from powering devices off to on.  When using the in-wall boxes and the LMV, end users and installers can craft a truly architecturally integrated visual structure that is flush with any wall design.

In addition, the LMV can also support screens up to 160 lbs. meaning that this mount has the power to keep large displays safe. A simple 2×2 video wall arrangement using the LMV can support up to 640 lbs. of digital signage components without worry. With screens getting bigger each and every day, there is a mounting need to ensure that everything is safe for all parties involved. Our engineers keep safety in mind as one of the top priorities when developing solutions and that starts by ensuring that weight is firmly supported by the wall. Another key feature is scissor design. This helps the mount to equally disperse weight across all four mounting points alleviating concentrated pressure points. By removing pressure points on the wall, the risk of the mounting solution failing or causing the screen to fall is virtually zero. To really ensure that your display is secured and installed correctly, just listen for our “Click-It” audible locking sound meaning that the mount has been set to its intended locking position.

When considering your next video wall project, make sure to keep the LMV in mind as the foundation of your project’s success. A video wall is only as good as the mounting solution that supports it!