PDS Enables A Stunning New Video Wall At The Toronto Stock Exchange

The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) is the ninth largest exchange in the world and boasts a market capitalization of more than $2 trillion. Its origins date back to the nineteenth century when, in 1861, two dozen Canadian businessmen formally founded the exchange and listed eighteen stocks that consisted of mostly banks and real estate companies. Today, over 1,500 companies from a wide range of sectors can be found on the TSX. Last week, they got a beautiful, highly engineered video wall.

Video wall mount install
Pre-Install of video wall

A tech savvy history

The 157-year-old institution has consistently evolved over the years to incorporate the latest technologies and provide the best trading experiences. Recently, this meant integrating a new video wall that creates and delivers engaging content. To bring their vision to life, TSX partnered with Planar, an innovator in digital displays for professional applications, and the leader in video wall mounting solutions – PDS.

Video wall mount install
Mount install completed (expanded view left)


Video wall mount install
Mount install completed (expanded view right)

When conceiving the perfect video wall for the TSX, designers decided that Leyard TWA LED cabinets would be recessed into the wall structure to provide a fluid aesthetic to captivate viewers. The designers understood that there would be no margin for error when installing a mount on a very tight recessed wall. They turned to partners at PDS to create a video wall solution to overcome this challenge. Because this was a “design-build” process to integrate the visual displays, PDS became actively involved in the project at its inception. Following the initial project meeting, the engineering team delivered spec drawings used to verify overall dimensions, structural fit, and weight calculations.


Before the actual installation, several critical steps took place to ensure the integrity of the end result. The PDS team conducted a pre-site survey, numerous consultations over the phone, and finally an on-site pre-install inspection. Several variables needed to be considered. As a very large fine pitch direct view LED system, the number of individual tiles and their orientation needed to be carefully laid out to ensure the proper video wall construction. CAD files and technical drawings were provided for review and approval. The wall structure was carefully examined to ensure that the wall itself would support the combined weight of the displays and the mounts.

PDS engineers chose their FSXA with motorized actuator scissor mount and properly configured the system for the project. Using the FSXA LED mount allows the system to extend outward for clear access to the back side of the displays for service and maintenance, while allowing the LED displays to be one with the wall structure for a seamless, flush front surface.

Once PDS designed and manufactured the FSXA-4×2-TWA-ACT, the installation team went to work on the video wall.  In this case, 3\4” plywood backing was used to reinforce the wall and carry the load. As a very large, recessed, fine-pitch direct-view LED system, the number of individual tiles and their orientation needed to be precisely located and installed. The PDS installation team arrived on site to perform the task and allow the project’s timely completion.

Video wall mount install
PDS celebrates with another job well done

Members of the PDS team were always available to answer any questions that arose, providing a smooth and efficient experience during the three-day installation period. The final result is a statement-making digital video wall that will serve the Toronto Stock Exchange as it continues its successful run as one of the world’s leading financial institutions.