Arclight Cinema Uses Premier Dedicated Solutions for StoryWalls


“ArcLight has always provided an unparalleled moviegoing experience for film lovers because ArcLight is more than just a place to see a movie, it’s an experience,” said Gretchen McCourt, Executive Vice President at ArcLight Cinemas. “Our poster wall has been a staple of the ArcLight experience.” To maintain their position as a marquee movie-viewing destination, the ArcLight team decided an upgrade to their StoryWall was in order. The natural choice for this upgrade was Cinema Scene Marketing, a leading provider of in-theatre digital signage solutions which delivers studio promotional campaigns, digital lobby advertising, and digital signage to the theatrical exhibition market. To complete the StoryWall project, Cinema Scene turned to the experts at Premier Dedicated Solutions for their superior custom products and unmatched customer service. “This marks the first time working together on a large project. I knew Rich Pierro at Premier Mounts and was really impressed by what they were doing,” says Michael Holmes, Principal at Cinema Scene. “We’d bought Premier Mounts products before but had never worked on a large scale project with them until this.”


Premier Dedicated Solutions (PDS) has earned its reputation among OEMs and digital signage providers as a leader in visual structure engineering and its team’s superior responsiveness at every phase, offering assistance and a can-do attitude that provide the foundation for a beneficial partnership. And of course, their solutions deliver a level of quality in line with the unmatched customer service. PDS’ solution for ArcLight fully illustrates the flexibility and ingenuity of the custom mounting solutions they provide.

The plan for the ArcLight StoryWall was to build the largest digital lobby display in the domestic cinema industry. At approximately 15 feet tall and almost 50 feet wide, the StoryWall combines 96 individual digital canvasses with the ability to sync, creating large-scale displays for both still and motion images. The mounting solution by PDS required a unique and tailored design to accommodate the desired placement of the StoryWall. An initial site survey discovered that the wall itself did not have the structural integrity necessary to accommodate the extra load the StoryWall would place on it in a traditional wall-mounted design. Instead, the team at Premier Mounts engineered a floor-supported solution that utilizes the wall for stability instead of bearing the full load of the digital panels. With the load support problem solved, Premier Mounts set out to integrate a push to release mechanism for each digital canvas.


The LMVP Press & Release™ mount in portrait orientation was employed and allows for easy service access. A 96-panel architecturally integrated floor structure requires immediate access and you need to do that without a network of draw-strings and inaccessible latches to release the mount. The LMVP videowall solution allows for immediate access by a simple press and release on the bezel edges. With all the engineering and design complete, the innovative Premier Mounts mounting solution delivers a sleek, slim, and functional design that is easy to maintain. Security latches on the LMV family of solutions prevent patrons from pulling out the displays featured within the array. This antitampering lock allows for integration into areas with high foot traffic and leaves little to be worried about. The groundbreaking size of the display board truly makes the ArcLight StoryWall an achievement in theater displays.


LMVP Flat-Panel Portrait Video Wall Mounting Solution
  • Press and Release on the display’s bezel for immediate front service access
  • Scissor-design allows for 18″ of smooth extension
  • Top-adjustable brackets built in for fine tune adjusting of the X, Y and Z axis.
  • Kickstand offers 16° of clear access maintenance space
  • Security locking mechanisms in place to avoid tampering by external users
  • Optional spacers can be made to imitate LCD digital display sizes to assist with installation


“Cinema Scene is elated that the reality of ArcLight StoryWall is now live,” said Joe Ross, Managing Principal of Cinema Scene Marketing. “This massive digital wall will enable studios to create and display multiple looks of content for theatrical releases and engage moviegoers at ArcLight Cinemas Sherman Oaks like never before. We are very happy to be working with the ArcLight team and look forward to creating more StoryWalls like Sherman Oaks at other ArcLight locations.”

“Premier Dedicated Solution’s extensive experience with working on larger installations and projects drew them to this partnership,” says Holmes. “They knew that they had the knowledge to really do well with this project.” PDS does more than just deliver robust, high-quality mounting solutions. We understand that a responsive and collaborative client relationship is paramount through the entire process, from initial concept recommendations into the design process and continuing through installation. “On visual display projects of this magnitude, our role is to truly enable the success of our partners and their client through our expertise and capabilities.” said Pierro, “When we can leverage our stock product line, combined with engineering and custom manufacturing capabilities, the end result is a win-win for everybody”