Absen is one of the world’s largest LED manufacturers with installations in over 120 countries. Their sophisticated factory creates cutting-edge products that lead the LED industry in design, performance, and efficiency. Narrow pixel pitch LED mounting can be difficult, but Premier Mounts / PDS builds mounting solutions that ensure x-y-z alignment, creating the perfect video wall. We make mounts for Absen LEDs that protect and enable beautiful content to come to life.

Designed, Built & Installed for Absen LEDs

Our mounting solutions are enabling Absen narrow pixel pitch LEDs to perform the way they are supposed to. Wall, ceiling, floor to ceiling, stand, curved, you name it, we have built it. For certain Absen LED models, we stock solutions that can ship in about 48 hours.

We also want to make the quoting process easy, that’s why we provide per panel cost (PPC) so you know your exact cost. Use our LED configurator to build the video wall of your dreams and get a quote:

Configure Your Video Wall

With the complexity of perfectly mounting LED panels, installation remains a significant obstacle for many successful projects. PDS eliminates that concern, offering the entire spectrum of installation assistance, from partial and guided help to full deployment of architecturally integrated structures.



Modular design allows unlimited scaling of size.
Overcomes extreme wall unevenness with over 1 inch of z plane adjustability.
Additional adjustability points make for perfect x-y-z plane alignment.
Lightweight design makes shipping, transport to job site and installation easier.
Curtis Rose

Premier Mounts Marketing Manager

Absen is setting the standard for innovation and design for direct view LED. Their extensive knowledge of the market and incredible manufacturing process is the foundation for their top quality LEDs. We have worked with and installed Absen LEDs for the past several years and every time they have completely surpassed our expectations. Not to mention their LED are the sleekest looking in the industry!