Premier Mounts Announces Custom Engineering Division, Premier Dedicated Solutions (PDS)

PDS Custom LED, LCD Videowall

In response to unprecedented demand for custom engineered audio-visual solutions, Premier Mounts has launched Premier Dedicated Solutions otherwise known as PDS. With the exponential growth in the deployment of LED in professional AV, PDS will serve the full spectrum of custom and architecturally-integrated projects for applications ranging from cinema, sports and entertainment, to retail, hospitality, and Emergency Operations Centers (EOC).

PDS will execute all facets of complex AV structural projects, including product conceptualization, design and build and installation in select markets. Drawing on over 40 years of market leadership from the Premier Mounts family of brands, PDS represents the capacity, expertise and cost advantages of a high-volume manufacturer, with the custom, tailored service of a boutique outfit.

Recent market data cites installation as the primary remaining obstacle to the ubiquity of LED. With long-term OEM partnerships and early-mover status in establishing industry LED standards, PDS eliminates guesswork and error in the installation of complex products, saving integrators and end-users time and expense.

PDS is uniquely equipped for large-format projects in niche markets. Fine Pixel Pitch (FPP) LED visual display systems present nearly unlimited options for integrating digital display for new use-cases. PDS enables OEM, integrators, and end-users to confidently reimagine the capability of digital display, reaching new heights in structural precision, aesthetic, safety and performance.

In addition to engineering for complex LED projects, PDS will continue to create innovative LCD systems, leveraging new capabilities such as quantum dot technology (QD) to enhance display performance. From videowalls to interactive displays, LCD visual structures often present equally complex engineering challenges; PDS solves those challenges with unmatched industry experience.

Videowalls represent one of the many growing markets served by this team. The global videowall market was valued at USD 4.34 billion in 2015, and it is likely to grow at a CAGR of 19.24% during the forecast period to reach USD 10.46 billion by 2020.

Premier Mounts CEO Rich Pierro cites the complexity of today’s visual display projects in the growing AV market as the catalyst for the launch of PDS:

“PDS is first an engineering company with a laser focus on solving the complex problems of today’s sophisticated visual display projects. As costs for LED become more affordable, and direct-view LED technology continues to improve and amaze, a new world of custom, architecturally integrated visual systems is emerging. Leveraging PDS’s in-house capability of engineering, manufacturing, and installation services, our experts are committed to being the go-to partner for tailored display solutions.”

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